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Stewardess Costume -The Exciting Costume For This Halloween Night

Posted: 05 Oct 2013 03:22 AM PDT

Womens 60's Stewardess Adult Halloween Costume

Womens 60′s Stewardess Adult Halloween Costume

Author: Christine Ward

ABC’s exciting new series this fall, Pan Am, has been getting super reviews. With as much as 11 Million viewers during the course of its pilot episode in the U.S., and with only a few days left till Halloween 2013, lots of women are excited to go to Halloween parties in a stewardess outfit.

The great part about this Halloween dress-up costume is that it does not require as much make-up or clothes as other Halloween costumes. In addition, choosing to wear a stewardess outfit would definitely catch attention at a party without being too frightening or too weird.

Stewardess Halloween costumes are very special thanks to the three major components of the uniform. Their basic uniform, which generally comprises a skirt and a top, a scarf, and their signature hat.

Now for the accessories, the scarf is typically made of sheer material and is relatively thinner and shorter than scarves worn normally during cold seasons. These beautiful scarves also normally have a shiny color such as red, blue, and so on.

Whatever the color may be, the scarf commonly goes well with the overall theme of the outfit. The hat on the other hand might be a little more difficult to find in a woman’s closet. These can be easily acquired from the closest department store and typically go with the color of the outfit as well. It really depends on the individual whether or not she desires these accessories to match perfectly the color of the outfit or have them in contrast with one another.

An truly important and typically overlooked accessory is the stewardess “wings” pin. In the Pan-Am show, Ms. Christina Ricci alongside her stewardess co-workers are seen wearing these special pins, which is a standard for the stewardesses through 60s. Having this pin is important in trying to bring back the 1960s era of flight attendants.

Another very important stewardess Halloween costume detail is the hair and make-up. Flight attendants are famously known to be very immaculate and orderly when it comes to their overall appearance. Although the 60s are well known for voluminous or “bouffant” hair, a simple ponytail and buns can do the job just as well. As for the make-up, a simple red lipstick can do the trick even without eye shadow and nominal blush. What’s important is to keep the neatness and maintain the subtlety of being a stewardess.

Thanks to the Pan-AmTV show the stewardess dress-up costume will surely be popular again this Halloween season. Now all a woman needs is to have the right 1960s perspective as portrayed by Christina Ricci and the rest of the cast.

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