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Witch Costumes For Halloween – Essential Elements

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By N. Beth Shepherd

One of the most iconic images of Halloween is the witch. Conjurer of magic and spinner of spells, the witch holds an appeal for those who appreciate the more classic of Halloween costumes. But even within the category of witch costumes are a multitude of types and styles.

InCharacter Costumes Bewitching Beauty

InCharacter Costumes Bewitching Beauty, Black/Purple, Medium

Broomstick Babe Adult Costume

Broomstick Babe Adult Costume

When thinking of a witch, the first to come to mind is the old hag witch with straggling hair, black dress, and claw-like hands. Then there is the truly evil witch with dagger-shooting eyes. Don’t forget the good witches, like that in The Wizard of Oz. Whatever type of witch you choose to portray, the best witch costume is made up of four essential elements.

Fun World Sexy Womens Gothic Witch Victorian Halloween Costume

Fun World Sexy Womens Gothic Witch Victorian Halloween Costume

California Costumes Women's Elegant Witch Costume

California Costumes Women’s Elegant Witch Costume,Black,Medium

Dress. The base of any witch costume is a dress. Usually it is a long, flowing black dress with long sleeves and folds enough to hide all sorts of amulets and magic ingredients. Often the edges are made to look worn and ragged. A good witch, however, wouldn’t be seen in a black dress. She’s known to wear light and happy colors like white, pink, or blue. Then there is the sexy witch, in a tightly fitting, revealing dress, either long or short. A little girl’s witch costume (a witch in training) is seen in many different colors, perhaps with orange accents to match the season.

California Costumes Women's Incantasia, The Glamour Witch

California Costumes Women’s Incantasia, The Glamour Witch,Black/Purple,X-Large

Leg Avenue Inc Women's Sexy Kandy Korn Witch Costume

Leg Avenue Inc Women’s Sexy Kandy Korn Witch Costume

California Costumes Women's Hocus Pocus Costume

California Costumes Women’s Hocus Pocus Costume

Hat. There is not a lot of variation in witch’s hats. Tall and pointed, with a wide brim, there is nothing that turns a black dress into a witch costume quicker than the hat. Of course, the good witch is much more likely to wear a tiara than a pointed black hat.

Makeup. A witch costume doesn’t really require makeup, but the right touch of the right makeup can turn a run-of-the-mill outfit into an authentic-looking witch costume. Stage makeup in white or green lends an eery and evil air to the get-up. Add a big latex nose and chin, complete with warts, and people will be sure to give you a wide berth. Don’t forget to paint your hands and wear a long black wig. The good witch, too, can wear makeup to give her skin that perfect finish with rosy glow.

Ruffle Witch Adult Costume

Ruffle Witch Adult Costume

Glamour Witch Costume

Glamour Witch Costume (Women’s Adult Costume)

Accessories. While not technically part of the witch costume, certain accessories are must-haves to pull off a believable witch character. Everyone knows that witches ride on brooms and stir up their brews in a big black cauldron. And witches often keep a black cat to strengthen the brew with its stare and a crystal ball to foresee the future. Amulets hung on the belt keep the most secret of ingredients close at hand, along with a skeleton key to unlock the spell book. A good witch may not use all of these things, but most certainly she will have a magic wand.

Pink Witch Costume

Pink Witch Costume – Small/Medium – Dress Size 2-8


Once having chosen the style of witch you want to portray this Halloween, put yourself into the most authentic of characters by paying heed to each of these essential elements. Start by perusing the choices of Halloween witch costumes. Visit to buy your favorite and add accessory details for the best witch costume ever.

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