Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mega Free Wallpapers Updates

Mega Free Wallpapers Updates

Mega Free Wallpapers is back online

Posted: 30 Jan 2012 09:06 AM PST

Good news folks! I’ve decided to bring Mega Free Wallpapers (MFW) online again. There were several reasons why I took the site offline, however I think I can work around the issues that made running the site frustrating. The main issue was (still is) slow thumbnail loading &/or full-sized image pages being inaccessible. I am now trying a variety of image hosts - hopefully one will stand out from the crowd when it comes to reliability.

The second reason the site went offline was the fact that I was earning very little revenue from it. I am a disabled pensioner & setting up MFW was a way for me to occupy my time whilst earning some extra cash to supplement my pension. But things haven’t gone as well as expected. Last year Google AdSense banned my site because I had a picture of a model wearing tight “disco” shorts which emphasized her buttocks. So that was one revenue stream gone. My second way of earning was by using an image host that pays me whenever someone views one of my wallpapers. But that host is very slow or inaccessible for much of the time, and that makes MFW frustrating for visitors who can see the thumbnails, but can’t get the pictures. The final straw was LinkBucks, who pay me for allowing them to show advertisements when thumbnails are clicked. I had been using LinkBucks for nearly 4 years without a problem. Then, a couple of weeks ago I logged in to check my balance & there was a message stating that my account had been “limited” (that means suspended) for a supposed breach of their Terms of Service (ToC). I don’t know what the breach was - I had no adult pics mistakenly classed as Safe For Work (SFW), and no SFW pics classed as adult by mistake. I wasn’t auto-hitting or spamming to increase ad impressions. I felt I had been hard done-by. Whatever the reason, LinkBucks have a policy of not replying to questions from “limited” members, so I have given up on that revenue method.

Fortunately, there is an alternative to LinkBucks for those who want to earn a bit of money from their site. I am now using to monetize Mega Free Wallpapers. If I make enough each month to cover the hosting costs, I will be happy with that. Though I hope that I will eventually earn a lot more than that each month as more & more image pages are added to MFW.

Anyway, the good news is that Mega Free Wallpapers won’t be disappearing in the foreseeable future.

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